Restore Physiotherapy specialises in lymphoedema, women and men's pelvic health and rehabilitation after treatment for cancer.

Lymphoedema is a side effect of treatment for cancer that may come about as a result of having lymph nodes removed or damaged. Our aim at Restore Physio is to prevent the onset of lymphoedema, which can be done through early screening and monitoring. If lymphoedema does present, we treat, monitor and prevent the progression of this chronic condition. 

Due to recent medical advances more men and women are surviving a cancer diagnosis but often with debilitating side effects. The PINC and STEEL programs are dedicated to helping men and women maximise their recovery, regain physical strength and endurance, improve body confidence and control. These programs are specialised physiotherapy based rehab programs that improve quality of life and wellbeing following cancer treatment. Restore Physios are certified cancer rehab and lymphoedema physios.

Our mission is to restore you to the best possible you during and after cancer treatment.